July 12, 2013

Run And Hide Your Crazy And Start Actin' Like A Lady ...

Real Talk:

I've mentioned here before that it really annoys me that the only time I ever really receive any type of feedback on my blog posts is when something awful happens in my life, or I have something to really bitch about, and I share it with the world. 

Exhibit A: Life Lately According To My Third Glass Of Wine
Exhibit B: Eventually I Will Be Okay, Just Not Today
Exhibit C: Thoughts On Blogging

But, I get it ... those personal stories and feelings that I share here are what makes me real and what make me relatable. 

They also make me very vulnerable to judgement though, and sometimes that scares me. 

A recipe or DIY project doesn't really relate to everyone who comes here ... so I'm wondering, what is it that makes you come here every day/week/month/year? ;)

What do you want to see more of here? What do you want to see less of here?

De-lurk, my blog friends!

As much as I make this space my own personal happy place, it's also a place that many people visit each day, so it's important to me that I'm publishing content that also interests you, too.

So, spill it. I'm heading to The Cape this weekend and I better return to some feedback!! ;)

Have a good weekend, friends.


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  1. Have a great weekend!!! :)

  2. Girl, I have noticed the same thing! I guess what's heart-wrenching is also what makes people want to respond... But life's not all hard so then what?

    I love the day to day stuff. It makes it seem like we're friends, sharing a cocktail or coffee and you're telling me what's up in life. And sometimes that includes hard stuff. Sometimes it doesn't. Happy weekend!

  3. I've noticed that too! And you can only be grumpy so often, share emotional stories so often, and be down right bitchy so often, you know? Haha! As for me, I love seeing day-to-day things... the good and the bad, the pretty and the not so pretty. It's something I'm going to try and do more of on my blog as well. Have a great weekend, hun!

  4. Day to day stuff also. :) But yeah, I´ve noticed the same thing.

  5. If I read a post that a blogger has taken the time to write, I comment.
    No matter what. Because all of us love feedback and comments and
    participation. I'm simply really bad at keeping up with my favorite
    blogs. The reason I started reading and following you in the first
    place, was because I liked the way you write and just hearing about your
    life. I'm kind of a creepy voyeur like that. But those are my
    favorite blogs to read. The blogs that tell about life in an
    interesting way. I don't follow crafty DIY or food blogs or fashion
    blogs. To me, they're all the same...boring. YOUR kind of blog
    though? It's your individual unique story and no one has the same story
    as you or could tell it the same way you could. I hope that makes
    sense and I hope you continue to post for you and not what you think
    people want to hear.

  6. Also, having to sign in with Disqus to post a comment is kind of annoying. That may be a deterrent keeping others from commenting. Or that just may be me and my inept ability to use machines.

  7. I love absolutely anything and everything about you xx

  8. Cassidy DaughetyJuly 15, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    I've been following you for a while now, but I don't think I've ever commented before! When I originally found your blog, I think I was just blog hopping. I followed your blog because it was different; you and your husband were living overseas, he's playing hockey, and I liked that you had a different perspective than some of the other bloggers that I follow. Although I'm not a blogger myself, I really enjoy reading blogs and its nice to switch it up sometimes. I haven't noticed that you're constantly doing the same link-up as everyone else- you post what you feel like posting, when you want to post it lol.. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with everyone linking up for the same/similar thing, I enjoy reading about the bloggers that do too. I just like a little variety :) Now I think when you put yourself out there and you are feeling vulnerable, people can relate to that! Whether that be a specific topic or just the honesty and the vulnerability that you're displaying by some of your posts. This probably wasn't the feedback you're looking for but as a long time follower who has never commented, I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog (even if you're only posting a recipe)! I can see why it would be frustrating to not receive more feedback, but at the end of the day this blog is for YOU. Keep posting whatever your heart desires :)

  9. Um. I come here because I love you and you are awesome. Is there really any better reason?

  10. I'm one of those who typically doesn't comment, but figured I should since you were so stern :) I first found your blog as a hockey fan & thought it was interesting to see the hockey world from a totally different perspective. My favorite posts are probably just the little updates about life (although I do understand if you decide to reduce those posts for the sake of privacy) & recipes. Hope you had a great weekend at The Cape!

  11. Maddie BaldassariJuly 15, 2013 at 11:09 PM

    I just found your blog from... I have no idea actually;) but I see you are from Ware, I think that is near the western part of the state, but I could be wrong. My sis in law is from Longmeadow. And I just clicked on your "I'll be ok" post and my heart hurt for you. I know the feeling all too well. I have struggled with infertility and miscarriages for 8 years now. Hope you had fun at the Cape.

  12. Thank you so much for your comment Amber - my blog posts definitely come much easier to type when I am upset or confused about something ... and coincidentally, I guess those heartfelt words are the ones that people can relate to the best. I love that you said that you feel like we're friends sharing coffee or a cocktail, I take that as a compliment ... Please let me know if you're ever in MA ;)

  13. Exactly! It's super frustrating that the only time I really receive feedback iswhenimthisclose to losing it ... but I guess those are the posts that are most relatable. Woof.

  14. Hahaha you are not a creepy voyeur!!! Your comments actually make me very happy, and I always think "Wow, she's still here reading!" - know that I appreciate you tons!!!

    And thank you for your kind words - they do make perfect sense and have been tucked away in my heart and brain for future posts to come =) xoxoxo

  15. ;) You may certainly be right! It's kind of a double edged sword though, because not everyone has Blogger. I like Disquis because you can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, etc. Le sigh!!

  16. Well in order to love me you also have to love my dog. And set him up on a date with Pebbles. Deal?

  17. I'm glad that you enjoy the recipes! Not everyone is a chef or a baker, and I certainly am NOT either, so the recipes I like to share here are usually super easy, and I'm happy that someone can appreciate them!!

  18. NO WAY! Yep, Longmeadow is about 45ish minutes from me. I actually went to high school in Springfield which is closer to Longmeadow. If you're ever in the area let me know =)

    I am awfully sorry to hear about your struggle. It saddens me, yet also in a way ... sort of ... I don't know, makes me feel at ease that such a high number of women are in the struggle together. If you ever need a non-judgmental and understanding shoulder to talk to feel free to contact me.

  19. Thanks for reassuring me that people still enjoy rando pictures of Brutus and how boring my life is ;)

  20. Well thank you for commenting Cassidy. I certainly appreciate all comments and love interacting with the people who come here - I write for y'all as much as I write for myself!!!

    Your comment is such a compliment and I agree with you - being vulnerable is certainly more relatable than a random link-up or what not.

    You seem to know quite a bit about blogging - maybe you should start one! Wink wink, nudge nudge ;) xo

  21. Ummm, I've loved Brutus since the day I laid eyes on him. Pebbles agrees. She'd really love to meet him. I'm sure they'd have a lot of fun snoring and eating together. Match made in heaven.

  22. I just want you to know before proceeding that Brutus sniffs butt on the first date.

  23. I'm on my way! ... ok, not really because of work, the cost of plane tickets, and weekend plans... But a girl can dream, right?

  24. As long as I prepare her, I think all will be ok. She's not the most dainty pup in the world either....


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