July 3, 2013

Ten (Easy!) 4th Of July Inspired Recipes

YOU ... ya YOU, the one who is going to a 4th of July BBQ and has no idea what to bring.

You're welcome.
I've collected ten (easy!) red, white and blue recipes to inspire your creativity. 

Some of these are no bake or easy bake, while others are stab 'em with a popsicle stick and throw some sprinkles on 'em, wam-bam-thank-ya-ma'am, enjoy. Each of them are festive people pleasers, and the best part is that a few of them only take minutes to prepare!

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich PopsRed White and Blue Ice Cream ConesNo Bake Firecracker Bites, Cream Filled Strawberries, 4th Of July Fruit WandsPretzels AmericanaFrozen Bananas, Firecracker Cupcakes
Star Cut Out Rice Krispie TreatsSprinkle Brownie Bars



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  1. Haha that shirt made me laugh! All of these recipes are amazing!

  2. I expect one of each and you in that tank top when I arrive in Boston next week. K? K!

  3. Ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles... on a stick. Genius.

  4. Cute 4th of July stuff... :)


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