August 26, 2013

Banishing (b)acne with Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Clearasil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SuperFruits”

When I was a freshman in high school I went to the beach with my best friend, her older sister (my pseudo-older sister), and “our” older sister’s boyfriend. The boyfriend just loooooved to pick on us two younger girls. He was a jerk, but he was one of those cunning jerks who could always make everyone laugh while still being rude.

We’d always go back and forth with him though – I mean, that’s what annoying little sisters do, right?

I can’t exactly recall what we were arguing about with him while laying out on our beach towels, but I can vividly see the words coming out of his mouth, and I can still hear him all of a sudden start making fun of the pimples that I had on my back and chest.

Picture it: A gangly fourteen year old girl, in a teeny bikini, being made fun of by one of the hottest senior boys in her high school (Ugh, even typing that now makes me cringe ... but I’m happy to report that he’s completely bald now. Take that, ya jerk.)

Anyways, I.WAS.MORTIFIED.  Completely mortified.

I came home from that beach trip and immediately begged my mom to bring me to WalMart so that I could buy some of those old school (alright, alright, circa year 2000) Clearasil Action Pads so that I could burn those pimples to death.

I never “struggled” with all-over facial acne, but I did and I continue to battle with pretty painful cystic acne every now and then on my face, neck and back. Yuck. They come and go – I think it’s hormone related – but when I have them they are large, painful, and bright red.

To this day I’m still not always 100% confident wearing a bathing suit top, tank top or strapless dress because I get anxiety that my back has cystic (b)acne spots that I can’t see, or that one will pop up throughout the day.

It’s tough being comfortable in your own skin when your own skin has giant red bumps on it, ya know what I mean?

I was able to get my painful bumps under control for a bit while we were living in Germany with a simple wash of baking soda and water, however I’m a firm believer that my skin becomes accustomed and immune to whatever I’m putting on it. For this reason, I like to change whatever product I’m using every four months or so ... so when I was asked to test out Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser, of course I jumped at the opportunity.

You guys, this stuff is a $4 magical elixir.

I’ve used medicated face wash before and it smells … well, medicated. This cleanser is gentle and contains actual raspberry and cranberry extracts, which gives it a delicious scent of raspberries and cranberries, not chemicals. Most importantly – IT WORKS! I’ve been using the cleanser twice a day for the past seven days, and my face and back are bump free. It has 1% salicylic acid, which is a major component of the magical elixir, and the raspberries and cranberries are chuck full of powerful antioxidants.

Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser lathers great in the shower so it's super easy to put it on a loofah and wash my back. Not once has this cleanser left my skin feeling tight ... on the contrary, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, my pores feel open, and leaving my shower now feels like I'm leaving the spa.

Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser is available at your local WalMart for around $4.97, and if you print this coupon, you can save a dollar.

Have you struggled with acne? 
What's your magical blemish banishing elixir?
Will you be giving Clearasil's Superfruit line a try?
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  1. May have to try this one out. I think mine is stress related, and the weeks leding up to a new hockey season always make me stressed!

  2. Unfortunately I struggled with acne when younger (and still now at 28!). Looking back now I don't think it was ever as bad as I thought but it was something which I was and still am unconfident about. One of my friends - a girl - once said to my twin. I can't believe Missy's skin is as bad as that!? I was mortified. I was the girl who would wear makeup to go down the street for milk and even to the gym. Lately, my skin has cleared (with Simple facial cleanser and good facials) and also a new pill. I have developed backne and little spots on my arms which I don't like but I am just trying to be comfortable in my own skin. I even go out without makeup some days - I still don't feel confident but it is a step forward. I think whatever works - cheap or expensive.


  3. I posted about this today too! I loved it, works so well!

  4. I never struggled with acne/breakouts until my mid-to-late 20's. I went the Proactiv route, but it really dried me out, then quit working for me all together.

    A few months ago, I went to a co-workers Mary Kay party and tried their skincare line. Since then, my skin has never looked better, not even in high school. I was so impressed, I signed up to be a consultant myself. I'm haven't done much with this new venture, but I'm happy to send out some samples if anyone would like to try them. I honestly noticed a difference on the very first day.

  5. Ok, I am completely obsessed with you shower && I feel the same way, I have to switch my products up every months because my skin just becomes immune to them!

  6. DEFINITELY stress related! I missed that point in my post, lol. Also, if I drink wine I can almost guarantee that I wake up with one ... and sorry but I'm not giving up wine to make face lol.

    Did he sign somewhere? Retails, please!

  7. And my greatest takeaway from this comment is that I'm super jealous you have a twin, lol.

    I've hardly worn makeup at all this summer. My mom has passed a comment once or twice while we were leaving the house and my response has always been "Take me for who I am!" lol. If I wear makeup for a full day it clogs my pores and I wake up with bumps on my face the next day. Meh.

    I've always been afraid to get a facial because I'm worried my skin will have a funky reaction, but maybe I will have to give one a try :)

  8. I've heard great things about Mary Kay! Actually, I asked a woman who was in her 40's about a month or so ago what type of makeup she was using because her skin looked absolutely flawless and I was jealous!! It was Mary Kay! Do you have a website, Kylie? And what do you suggest for products?

  9. ....anddddd I'm sad to report that I live at my parents house right now, lol! But thank you ;)

    My skin definitely becomes immune! I read that once in a magazine or online or something and I've rolled with it since!!

  10. Haha. . . I love being a twin. Can be a pain in the behind sometimes but it's great.

    As for facials, they tend to react if it's a deep cleansing one because it drags the rubbish up then clears. Also depends on the product. I was having facial enzyme peels with espa products at my spa. It's been amazing for my skin, the texture has cleared well and it doesn't even break out after. With being so ill this year I stopped wearing make up out of sheer tiredness but once I started I gained a better confidence and with facials it's worked it's way better

    Good for you. . . We are who we are and if we're happy everyone else should be!
    Missy x

  11. I do! It is:

    Every day, I use:
    From the TimeWise Miracle set:

    1) 3-in-1 Cleanser
    2) Firming Eye Cream
    3) Day solution (in the morning, w/ SPF 35) or Night solution (before bed)
    4) Moisturizer

    I've had steps 1, 3, 4 since the end of April and I'm nowhere near needing to reorder. A little goes a long way, so the products really last.

    I started using the Firming Eye Cream after I became a consultant and can really notice a reduction in the fine lines under my eyes that have always irked me.

    I've always loved to exfoliate, so I indulged in the Microdermabrasion Set and now I'm addicted! I use it 2-3 times a week and my face feels like a baby's bottom after each use. After using it, I then do steps 2-4 or my normal skincare routine.

    I've started using the TimeWise Matte Wear foundation with the mineral powder foundation over top. The liquid foundation wears much like a BB cream and doesn't feel heavy.

    I've gotten so many compliments on how nice my skin looks after switching to Mary Kay skincare and foundation. I could definitely tell the difference, but didn't realize how noticeable it was to everyone else.

    On days I feel like papering myself, I do microdermabrasian, then a Satin Lips and Satin Hands treatment, all of which make me feel like I was just at the spa.

  12. Oh you poor thing... wine?! I like that you have your priorities straight though ;)

    He sure did... sorry I didn't get back to you. He signed in Brampton, which is the new team just outside of Toronto. Not as exciting, or warm, as TX or AZ, but we're pretty pumped that we get to live at home!

    When do you guys head out?!

  13. I wonder if it was the matte foundation that she had used? I was seriously so jealous, it looked like she had airbrushed makeup on!! It was perfect!! I will definitely be poking around your site this week!!

  14. That's what I'm worried about, all the crap being pulled to the surface!!! Thanks for all the tips, I appreciate them Missy!!

  15. Aha, one of the girls from Brahmaland will be in Brampton with you :)

    It will be so nice to live at home, you must be so pumped! Congrats on signing!!!

    We have no idea yet. I think camp starts the first Monday of October ... so probably the last week of September? I'm pretty much packed and ready to go, this feels like the longest off season ever!!

  16. I wouldn't doubt it. My t-zone has always been oily, and I still feel like I have an airbrushed look with this foundation, all without feeling like I have a mask or paint on my face.

    Don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions about anything!

  17. Oh really? Who's that?
    No kidding. I was anticipating Europe so I have a laundry basket full of stuff ready to go. I'm jealous of your road trip, it'll be so much fun!

  18. Cal Wild's girlfriend, Cristina. I connect the two of you on Facebook.

    Are you kidding? I've considered asking TJ if I could fly, but I know that'd be a no lol. I'm the worst at road trips, I have to pee every hour on the hour...that's going to make for a long 3 days lol. I won't complain though because YOU took the ultimate roadtrip this summer!!!!


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