August 12, 2013

I Am Who I Am.

I am weird because ...
I read magazines and newspapers from back to front.
I prefer to eat everything out of a bowl.
I hate wearing socks.
I must smell food before I eat it.
I shave my arms.
I love the smell of gasoline.
I shake my foot when I am stressed.
I freak out if I have to stand in water where I can't see my feet.
I talk for Brutus in a British accent.
I can't sleep with a sheet on top of me.

I am a bad friend because ...
I would rather stay in than go out.
I never check my voicemail.
I would rather text than talk.
I don't believe in second chances.
I have skipped out on every reunion.
I can't guarantee that I'll always physically be "there".

I am a good friend because ...
I can guarantee that I will emotionally be "there".
I always thank my friends for listening to me vent.
I always tell my friends when they have food in their teeth.
I am fiercely loyal.
I love buying thoughtful gifts or cards.
I truly want to see my friends succeed in life.
I give my truthful, honest opinion when asked for advice.

I am sad because ...
I silently struggle every single day with "What If's", anxiety, and feeling like I don't have my shit together.
I feel like days are going by too fast for me to keep up.
I feel like I should be doing more with my life.
I don't know when the right time is to try for another baby.

I am happy because ...
I have finally found a work from home job that I actually enjoy.
I was able to spend so much time with my family this summer.
I actually feel like blogging again.
I am finally learning to slow down and focus on myself. Yoga, fresh nails, warm tea. The little things are important.

I am excited for ...
Our move to Denver.
Fall fashion, Fall beer, and Fall decorations.
The hockey season to start. (Did I really say that?)
Beginning a new chapter in life.
When I compare last year to this year, I'm excited to see where this next year takes me...

What about you? 
Why are you weird, a bad friend, a good friend?
Why are you sad? Happy? And what are you excited about right now?
(this post was inspired by Little Miss Momma)


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  1. I am happy to hear that you found a job to work at from home that you enjoy. Those are hard to come by. I have always dreamed of moving to Colorado. Denver seems like a nice place. In college a professor of mine took a poll every semester about where students were from. He also asked them to rank their top five states and bottom five states. Colorado in all of his years teaching never got a negative vote.

  2. Love this post :) Not going to lie, my favorite part was when you said you tell your friends when they have food in their teeth. Nothing irks me more when I realize hours later I've had something in my teeth all along! Oh and I'm happy to hear you're happy :)

  3. I am a bad friend for all of those same reasons! Can I blame being an introvert? Or that I'm busy, working full-time and raising 2 young boys? Sigh. Sometimes I feel so guilty, and then other times I feel like I have to put myself and my family first, ya know?
    I think it's great that you love your new job! :) And congrats on the upcoming move.

  4. I read magazines back to front too! I thought I was the only weirdo! I'm sad because we don't live closer :(

    So glad you're happy and up for blogging again!

  5. I LOVE this! I too would rather text than talk haha!

  6. I am super weird and i don't care. haha. i am also a bad friend because I want people to remember things about me but they are the same things i forget about them!

  7. You're not alone with the sheet thing. I hate the feeling and always need to have a fuzzy blanket against my skin.
    ps. Our hubbies may be playing against each other this year :)

  8. My good friend/bad friend answers are almost identical to yours! I also hate wearing socks (& shoes for that matter - I'm pretty much always barefoot at home).

  9. eek the water where you can't see your feet... i totally feel your pain in that one. i CAN'T DO IT. blame it on too many shark week episodes!

  10. You are going to Love Colorado in the fall :)

  11. I read magazines from back to front, also! Have fun in Denver- I heard that it was amazing there :)

  12. I love this!! So cute!! I may borrow in down the road :)

  13. That's so neat! I keep hearing that I am going to absolutely love Denver - I can't wait to get there and experience it. Thanks for stopping by, Kayde!! xx

  14. RIGHT? Or little boogies. I'd definitely tell you if you had a boogie too. 'Cause that's what blog besties are for ;)

  15. Ugh, I'm SUCH an introvert, Mia! Don't feel guilty for those reasons - you absolutely have to put yourself and your family first! xx

  16. Well I'm glad we're both weirdos, lol. Tell me about it! A Boston Blate would have been awesome. I'll just have to come to California one day ;)

  17. I'm so bad. I'm always there to talk when it's an emergency, but I would certainly rather text than talk for the normal day to day. Sigh.

  18. My vote is Missouri or Arizona ;) - I want details!

  19. I don't like shoes either! I am definitely a flip flop girl!!

  20. Hahaha!! Exactly!! I do NOT like any kind of creepy crawler. When we were snorkeling in Mexico I thought I was going to have a heart attack waiting for a shark or a crab or a lobster or an ANYTHING to nibble my toes!!

  21. Yes, I absolutely cannot wait!! I have a feeling it's going to be my new favorite city!!

  22. Sharks. So so so scary. I mean, you can at least throw a crab if it pinches you. Not a shark!

  23. Have I told you lately that you're my favorite?

  24. I just skipped my 10 year reunion and I don't really feel that bad about it. I'm not a fan of faking it. Love this post.

  25. Loved this! Here's my take on it!

  26. I totally talk to my dogs in random accents, but most often British. haha

  27. Glad you feel like blogging again! I'm the opposite of you and cannot sleep without blankets on, even if it's super hot out. I too would much rather stay home.

  28. I may have to steal this!


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