September 5, 2013

Thursday Things

These Pumpkin Pie Pockets are 100% happening this fall! 

$83 for this is absofreakinlutely ridiculous - but I love the idea! Operation: DIY project.

The "Karma Necklace" from K.O. Designs comes in either 18k or sterling silver. At 15" long, it's perfect for layering!

This is magical.

Meet Arbor. She's a former shelter dog who is now an internationally recognized painter who sells her artwork to raise funds for other shelter pups. 


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  1. A family member of mine sells custom wooden pieces similar to that light switch deal.

    And at super reasonable prices!

  2. OH MY GOSH that doggy! So stinking cute. Also, that lipstick thing is fab. Um have you moved yet?! I need to know so I can come squeeze you aka get drinks haha.

  3. I am so excited for Fall and I am so going to make a vegan version of those pumpkin pie pockets now. So much yum.

  4. Those pumpkin pie pockets are adorable... and I don't even like pumpkin pie but now I'm trying to figure out who I can make them for!

  5. I may join you on the pumpkin pie pockets! The antler light switch thing reminds me of the Halloween wreath I saw on Pottery Barn - um I'm not paying $70 for a vine wreath with some spanish moss and a crow. I've already purchased the stuff to DIY it for a whopping $11.


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