September 13, 2013

Words For The Weekend // Be Kind

Writing a public blog is a funny thing.

I told TJ the other day that sometimes I feel like I live a double life.
While many people have told me that they appreciate how honest I am here ... from talking about how shitty the hockey life can sometimes be, to being so open about our miscarriage, to sharing different pieces from my heavy heart ... there are many other things that I wish I could write about, but I just can't.

Because, I guess, maybe, those pieces are too broken, and shattered, and scattered to piece together and write about.

So with that being said ... I guess what I wanted to share today is this:

Be kind. Because everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.


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  1. Very true words!
    I never understand sometimes, because I've always felt it takes more energy to be rude to others than it does to be kind to them.

  2. Very true, and always good to remind people of this quote.

    Michelle @

  3. You're so wise, BB4L. xoxoxoxox

  4. Oh boy, we definitely all have a story. I have two things going on right now that I can't even talk about on the blog because people outside of blogland read and I could cause some problems at work. So FRUSTRATING, because I want to be like, "See? My life has problems too!" Haha.

  5. So so true my friend. I also often wish I could say EXACTLY what I wanted to say on my blog... But I can't! x

  6. Le sigh. Sometimes it stinks that a chunk of my readers are family or friends. Sometimes I think I'd love to be anonymous in this big but very, very small blog world :)

  7. That's what I hate! So many family members read my blog and I just know that they'd go running with something negative or if I shared too much. Booooo.

  8. I absolutely agree! I have no time for it!! Thanks for stopping by, Renee!

  9. The world would be a much better place if we all kept that in mind!

  10. This quote is so true. And I give you kudos for writing about your struggles. It takes a very strong person to share with the world. xo

  11. Just catching up - oh so true! I sometimes get annoyed at myself and feel so bad that I get wrapped up in my own problems. But you are right, we all go through things and it is a difficult life. Thank you for sharing. I am becoming more able to share - something I am not that good at. But by sharing our own stories we can help others make it through tough times.

    M x x


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