October 7, 2013

Massachusetts to Denver According to Instagram

Well, we made it to Colorado safe and sound!

I'm currently stealing internet from the Starbucks down the street, so I only have time for a quick post today ;)

If you already follow me on Instagram then this post is going to be all kinds of boring - but here is our journey from start to finish according to IG:

Leaving Massachusetts and crossing into New York.

Crossing over the Hudson River.

Leaving New York and crossing into Pennsylvania.

Leaving Pennsylvania and crossing into Ohio.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

Leaving Ohio and crossing into Indiana.

Leaving Indiana and crossing into Illinois.

Leaving Illinois and crossing into Iowa.

Beging a creeper and snapping p's of TJ ;)

Leaving Iowa and crossing into Nebraska.

Patiently waiting for a Child of the Corn to run in front of our car...

He's such a good (and stinky!) traveler.

Crossing into Colorado.

Getting lost in Denver.

What are some "must see" or "must do" things in Denver?
DSLR owners - how do you get out of the habit of using your iPhone to capture memories?

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  1. Such fun pictures! I can't remember...where in Colorado did you move to? My parents live in Parker!

  2. You made it!!! Yay!!

  3. This looks like so much fun, I love road trips!


  4. yay! you made it. i think you'll love Denver!

  5. Welcome to Denver!! Just in time for some gorgeous fall weather! Ah Colorodo/Denver must do's..16th Street mall, Wash Park, Cherry Creek area for some fun shops and best burger in town, bonnie brae ice cream (just blocks from me!) D bar for the best fries EVER and amazing deserts, Kaladis coffee hands down best iced coffee and I could go on and on!

  6. Happy you've arrived!!
    That picture of Brutus cracked me up!

  7. Love the pics. Glad you guys made it safe and sound :)

  8. Love all of the pictures! It captures your journey beautifully. Good luck getting settled in your new state. I also have a hard time not taking iphone photos for everything.

  9. I will definitely have to check out the step at the Capitol Building ... we're literally a five minute walk from there! And the 16th Street Mall ... we live on East 17th Street, haha -- you should just come visit me, Christina ;) I'm definitely looking forward to checking out Boulder and Vail!!

    It's so much easier to snap a quick iPhone picture and edit it there then play with the settings on my DSLR. Le Sigh. I feel like it's been such a waste of money thus far :x

  10. Thank you, Thank you, Darci!!! Haha, this is the first time in all of our moves across the states that I was actually awake during each border crossing ... and I definitely was perched up with my phone ready a mile or two before we hit the border - I was on a mission to not miss a single one this year!! (oh PS did I ever admit that I'm a huge dork? because I am!)

    TJ and I are definitely looking forward to Red Rocks .. how the heck could we miss it!! TJ would love to check out the Olympic Training Center .. I will definitely be in touch - thank you!!!!

  11. *waves* Hi Darlene!!!! We live on East 17th Street, so I'm pretty excited to be right next door to 16th Street Mall! Let me know if you're there, I hope to meet you!! Mmm burgers and ice cream are definitely a GO!! You're definitely my kind of girl with all of these food and drink options, haha!! I'm looking forward to exploring the local coffee shops :)

  12. Thank you Mackenzie!! I feel like my DSLR has been such a waste of money thus far ... it's just so much easier to snap a picture with my iPhone and edit it on there ... I've really only used my DSLR at the zoo, but I'm going to try to be more mindful and use it this year!!

  13. It looks like you had a fun road trip, I loved driving across country and just seeing things, and how different each state could be. As for using my DSLR more, I buy purses that are big enough to fit my camera in, but not too huge, that way I can toss it in my bag on the way out and tend to always have it on me. Plus you get the added bonus of people not realising you have a fancy camera in there since it's a normal purse.

  14. It really is so neat to see how each state looks so different, sometimes even right at the border! I almost always have my DSLR with me, but the problem is that I'm not 100% confident with all of the settings, and it's so much easier to just snap pictures and choose a fancy filter on my iPhone. Booo, I guess I just need to just gain a little confidence with it and read a manual or two :) Thanks for your comment Dannielle!!

  15. Glad to see you made it there safely! I try to bring my dslr everywhere with me. Like I even bring it to class a lot of times, just to get into the habit. If I find myself taking a picture on my iphone, I immediately follow it up with a picture on the dslr. Eventually it just becomes habit to use the dslr instead! Good luck :)

  16. The New York photo made me all kinds of happy... the foliage is AMAZING! And the Pennsylvania sky couldn't be more perfect for Halloween. It needs to do that again on the 31st :)

  17. ah that's a FUN area! I thought you were going to be living in Aurora, or did I make that up? We definitely need to get together!

  18. I love your photos! Brutus is so cute with his water bottle. I love Denver - it's going to be awesome living there!

  19. Thanks for the tip! Yes, I definitely need to get in the HABIT of breaking it out and actually using it!

  20. Thank goodness for Instagram Filters, hahah!! I hope the scenery is just what you're hoping for on the 31st, Sara =)

  21. He always steals the show lol!!!!

    I hope that it is ... so far I really enjoy it here. I haven't been out much, and the one time that I did walk around I apparently went down the wrong street and was asked if I wanted rock or weed, so this should be interesting lolololol.

  22. Hahah no, you didn't make it up! I thought that our apartments were going to be in Aurora, but they put us right downtown on East 17th Street! A get together is definitely in the near future!!

  23. That happened to my brothers and me when we were in Denver! We walked to this amazing breakfast place (I can't remember the name of it) but then decided to walk a different way back to our hotel and ended up in kind of a bad area! But aside from that one area, everywhere else in the city seemed really beautiful!


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