November 13, 2013

Real Talk // Rambling Thoughts About "Making It" ...

Whenever someone learns for the first time that TJ is a professional hockey player, I'm immediately asked "So, when is going to make it to the NHL?"

I used to be a hopeful panda six seasons ago ... but now, whenever someone asks me that question, my simple answer is "Never," and I smile and move on.

I don't say that he'll "never" make it to the NHL to be an asshole ... and I mean, I guess I should never say never - I suppose there is a .00000000000001% chance that he could maybe play a game in that league ... but, the fact of the matter is that no, he will never play in the NHL.

But does that mean that he hasn't made it? When there are literally thousands of guys out there who wish their job entailed going to the rink each day and earning a paycheck from playing a game that they love?

So maybe TJ's childhood dream didn't fully pan out just because he doesn't play in the NHL, but I feel pretty confident and proud that he's "made it" as a professional hockey player. He literally loves going to work every day, and how many people can say that? Because I know that I can't. 

My full time job as a personal assistant is absolutely not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, but it pays the bills. And this blog? It pays the bills, too. But I used to think that I'd "make it" as a blogger once I had X amount of followers and Y amount of posts published ... and lately all of that stuff has been so irrelevant to me. Clearly money and "fame" don't equate to loving what I do, so I suppose I'll be continuing to fake it until I figure out exactly what "making it" means to me.

What is your definition of "making it"
and where are you trying to go?

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