December 13, 2019

Got a Puppy, It's a Boy.

How special is it that Vinny was born and sent to our family to help heal our broken hearts?

Making the choice to get a new puppy was a decision that actually caused me a lot of anxiety and tears, but now that he's here with us, we're very much welcoming the joy and happiness that he brings to our family and we're looking forward to watching him grow up with the girls.

Brutus was seven years old when Michaela was born and he wasn't too fond that we had the audacity to bring children into his kingdom without his consent. Don't get me wrong, he loved them in his own way and he definitely put up with their shit of putting necklaces on him, trying to dress him up and pretending to be puppies and eating out of his bowls, but by the time the girls entered our world, Brutty was old, grumpy, and not very playful, which often disappointed them.

I'm so glad that Michaela and Ellie now get to experience the little bowling ball of energy that is an English Bulldog puppy, and I hope that they will always remember these special times with Vincenzo, because TJ and I carry so many in our hearts from when Brutty was a baby.


November 25, 2019

I May Be Too Much For You. And That's Okay.

Hello hello and welcome back to my little home on the Internet. I'm dusting off the 'ole keyboard and coming at you with a big unboxing of thoughts and emotions, so grab yourself a glass of wine/water/coffee/whiskey/whatevs, and get comfy with me.

To those of you who have been a loyal reader and stayed connected with me since I started writing back in this space in 2010 - thank you. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU. You are the only people who have ever checked in on me to make sure that I'm okay when I go MIA on social media - and your outreach while I was most recently sitting in my feels of anxiety and depression the past couple of months made me realize how much the world (or maybe it's just my world??) is lacking the authentic connections, community and friendships that I feel the blogging world of 2010-2015ish provided me.

I've been doing a LOT (and I mean a lot, a lot) of introspection over the past six or so months, and I've realized that I've been lacking those connections, community and friendships essentially since I left this online space in the dust almost five years ago, when social media swiftly transitioned to Instagram where it's socially(media) accepted to microblog what's often portrayed as a perfect(/fake) little life in a perfect little curated square.

I've never felt like I fit in over on Instagram (which miiiight just be the stupidest shit I've ever written here - I'm almost 34 years old and was trying to find my worth on a freaking social media platform that could literally disappear in ten minutes, lol) and hey, maybe it's my own fault for not using Instagram the right way, or for getting stuck in my head that I had to keep up with the Joneses, or for having my own insecurities that made me feel like I had to box myself in and portray some idealized vision of perfection, when in fact my life is quite a freaking shitstorm...

But here? On this little blog? Here is where I can be myself and write from my heart and for some reason not give a flying fuck about what Linda in Idaho or Sally from my dumpy little hometown in Massachusetts thinks about me.

When TJ and I (and big Brutty!) used to travel every six-ish months for hockey, this blog was literally my lifeline to friends who I could remain in contact with no matter if we were in Germany, Florida, New York, Colorado, or wherever.

We were invested in each others lives and stories.

We cried together when we miscarried or when family tragedy struck, and we rejoiced when we announced pregnancies and new jobs.

We tried each others recipes and shared our favorite boots, and we offered destinations where people actually felt encouraged and supported, far beyond the "support" of a $1.99 affiliate link commission from said boots.

This blog was my home where I felt completely comfortable to be myself - the kind of comfort you feel when you walk through the door after a long day, strip your bra off through the arm hole of your shirt, throw your hair on top of your head (which, sidebar: why does a messy bun always look freaking amazing when you have nowhere to go?!) and slip into your favorite pair of baggy sweatpants.

I now understand that this comfort was because my solid Enneagram 4* personality could be 100% emotionally honest and authentic here, and it overfilled my cup to have a creative space that I had control of when I couldn't control a damn thing in our ever changing hockey life.

Fast forward to today - I've gone through a LOT of heavy shit since I stopped writing here. The kind of heavy shit that I probably should have gone into therapy for, but when my zip code continues to change as much as some people change their underwear and it'd essentially be impossible to find a therapist ... I chose to seek guidance from my good friend and mentor Katie, and do the really hard work of continuing to heal myself through self-discovery, developing self-discipline and improving my self-esteem.

I'm totally aware to the fact that this all may sound overly dramatic to you - but guess what? These are my honest thoughts and feels. I've become obsessed with studying my Enneagram - so much so that I made TJ take his test (he's an 8) so that we could understand each other and our relationship even deeper ... and I had this volcanic brain explosion when I read his strengths and weaknesses that "Holy shit, that's absolutely him to a T but totally not me" ... and I experienced this earth shattering understanding of the concept that we are all a bunch of vastly different human beings roaming this planet with individual motivators, behaviors, temperaments, and subconscious beliefs that make us see, feel, act and respond differently to the world within and around us.

I'm highly intuitive, honest, moody, and emotionally intense. I may be too much for you. And that's okay. Because I know that I'm also overly compassionate of others, have a good heart, and carry an honest hope that by sharing my authentic feels and truths again here in this space, you'll find the freedom to stand tall in your own.

I feel like I've lived five different lives in the past five years and I still have a lifetime ago. I'm thrilled about my decision to start documenting it all here again, and I hope that you'll enjoy watching the stories unfold.



My favorite site to take the Enneagram test is here.
Once you know what you are, this site dives in deep about your motivators, stressors, unique gifts and more.


This song feels super appropriate for this post, I love when it comes on the radio:


August 12, 2019

Visiting Harbes Barnyard Adventure

Fifteen minutes down the road from us in Mattituck, NY is the cutest family farm called Harbes Barnyard Adventure. We had driven by the farm a few times before I took the girls, and I had just assumed from the outside looking in that it was your regular 'ole farm, so we were happily surprised to find that it's actually an 8 acre experience of farm adventures and fun.

We easily spend a good three hours at Harbes having such a great time together - from feeding the chickens, goats, sheep and piggies, to bouncing on their pillow bouncers, playing in their giant sandboxes and climbing on their beautiful log playground - there's also trike racing, a gnome-themed hedge maze, water tables, playhouses, and a cute Bunnyville fit with a town hall, barbershop, movie theater, coffee shop and church. Harbes also has a winery and some pretty delicious homemade ice cream and cider donuts, and on the weekends they offer piggy races and singing hayrides around the farm.

Harbes is a must-visit if you're ever in the area and have kiddos who love animals. It's pretty affordable during the week - kids 2 and under are free and admission is only $11.95 M-Th. It jumps up to $18.95 F/S/Su - which I personally think is pricey, so we went ahead and bought a season pass for $39.95, which we definitely got our moneys worth with this summer!

June 19, 2019

Hello from Greenport, NY

Okay so the last couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I won't get into the boring details, but TJ took a job with a new company and his first project with them had us pack up our tiny home and move to a small village on the north fork of Long Island, NY. 

We drove overnight from Pittsburgh to get here, and TJ is the real MVP for towing the RV through NYC. I was following behind him with the girls and we were on the phone with each other when we passed through at 2am, just laughing (and slightly freaking out) at the ridiculousness of bringing our RV over the George Washington Bridge. 

It's so beautiful here - we have two little beaches less than ten minutes from us, and the girls have been enjoying collecting pretty shells and sea glass. We bought a membership to the cutest family farm down the street that has their favorite animals to feed, a playground, cider donuts, ice cream and a winery.  TJ's working on a military base and will have most weekends off, so we're looking forward to exploring this area as much as possible with him on the weekends while we're lucky enough to be living in this nautical and nostalgia-inducing seaside village for the summer.


May 20, 2019

Welcome Back to Our Adventure

Long time no talk, eh?

Let's catch this space up to 2019!

My good boy Brutus passed away back in August, and his death truly shook me to my core and made me realize how quickly nine years goes by in the blink of an eye. I continue to feel a major void without his presence - he was my sidekick while exploring and navigating through nine different cities, and was a major factor in many career/life decisions that TJ and I had to make prior to having kiddos (for example, TJ turned down a couple of hockey contracts because Brutus wouldn't have been allowed in the country or he would have had to go into a three month quarantine in another) ... but with that, I've also been harboring some guilt in my heart for how he was pushed aside when we welcomed real babies into our little wolf Fox pack. He was no longer my #1 priority - he was drooly and farty and jealous - he wanted nothing to do with the girls - and my mamabear instincts didn't like being around the little stinker with my babies, either. I wish that I could go back in time and change the last couple of years with him, but I know that he had a life full of adventure and that he knew he was loved. We miss him so much, the girls still talk about him every day, and going through our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc., carried this lingering void and sadness in my heart.

And if I'm being totally honest, I had a very long, very sad season of mourning my little buddy ... and I'm still not 100%.

I hope this doesn't sound too "out there", but his death turned into the exact wake up call that I needed to start blogging again. "The days are long but the years are short" has never rang more true - 9 years went by in 5 minutes with him, and my girls are growing at lightning speed. Twenty-four hours in a day slips by so, so fast with them ... and I sometimes find myself waking up in the middle of the night, studying their faces. (Which sounds creepy but we co-sleep so I see them a lot in the middle of the night, lol.) When did they get so big? When did their noses grow? And their lips, and their eyes? Where did their tiny infant fingers go, and when did their hair get so long?

I no longer want to just document our days and lives one Instagram square at a time. I miss this creative space, and I miss the friends and connections that came from sharing bits of my life and interests here ... and so with allll of that - yay, I'm excited to be dusting off the pages here and coming out of Blogger Retirement, lol.

If you haven't followed along on Instagram over the past couple of years, I have two sweet kiddos now - Michaela is four (she was born on New Years Day) and Ellie is two (she was born on Halloween). Their birthdays are super fun, and noooo we will not be having an Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July or Valentine's Day baby, haha.

TJ now works as an industrial sandblaster/painter, which has him traveling from contract to contract. In order for us to all be together it made the most sense for our family to transition into tiny living in a 350sq foot RV, and WE LOVE IT!

For anyone who has been a reader here for a while, holy moly did hockey contracts and traveling and His plan prepare me for this life or what?!

A lot has changed in my life, personality, interests, and responsibilities since I used to blog here, and our adventures are a different kind of exciting compared to when we were kid-free and living the hockey life, but I'm thrilled for a fresh start, a space to share our lives and my heart again, and a place to home the bajillion photos that I take on my phone.

Welcome back to our adventure.

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