May 20, 2019

Welcome Back to Our Adventure

Long time no talk, eh?

Let's catch this space up to 2019!

My good boy Brutus passed away back in August, and his death truly shook me to my core and made me realize how quickly nine years goes by in the blink of an eye. I continue to feel a major void without his presence - he was my sidekick while exploring and navigating through nine different cities, and was a major factor in many career/life decisions that TJ and I had to make prior to having kiddos (for example, TJ turned down a couple of hockey contracts because Brutus wouldn't have been allowed in the country or he would have had to go into a three month quarantine in another) ... but with that, I've also been harboring some guilt in my heart for how he was pushed aside when we welcomed real babies into our little wolf Fox pack. He was no longer my #1 priority - he was drooly and farty and jealous - he wanted nothing to do with the girls - and my mamabear instincts didn't like being around the little stinker with my babies, either. I wish that I could go back in time and change the last couple of years with him, but I know that he had a life full of adventure and that he knew he was loved. We miss him so much, the girls still talk about him every day, and going through our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc., carried this lingering void and sadness in my heart.

And if I'm being totally honest, I had a very long, very sad season of mourning my little buddy ... and I'm still not 100%.

I hope this doesn't sound too "out there", but his death turned into the exact wake up call that I needed to start blogging again. "The days are long but the years are short" has never rang more true - 9 years went by in 5 minutes with him, and my girls are growing at lightning speed. Twenty-four hours in a day slips by so, so fast with them ... and I sometimes find myself waking up in the middle of the night, studying their faces. (Which sounds creepy but we co-sleep so I see them a lot in the middle of the night, lol.) When did they get so big? When did their noses grow? And their lips, and their eyes? Where did their tiny infant fingers go, and when did their hair get so long?

I no longer want to just document our days and lives one Instagram square at a time. I miss this creative space, and I miss the friends and connections that came from sharing bits of my life and interests here ... and so with allll of that - yay, I'm excited to be dusting off the pages here and coming out of Blogger Retirement, lol.

If you haven't followed along on Instagram over the past couple of years, I have two sweet kiddos now - Michaela is four (she was born on New Years Day) and Ellie is two (she was born on Halloween). Their birthdays are super fun, and noooo we will not be having an Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July or Valentine's Day baby, haha.

TJ now works as an industrial sandblaster/painter, which has him traveling from contract to contract. In order for us to all be together it made the most sense for our family to transition into tiny living in a 350sq foot RV, and WE LOVE IT!

For anyone who has been a reader here for a while, holy moly did hockey contracts and traveling and His plan prepare me for this life or what?!

A lot has changed in my life, personality, interests, and responsibilities since I used to blog here, and our adventures are a different kind of exciting compared to when we were kid-free and living the hockey life, but I'm thrilled for a fresh start, a space to share our lives and my heart again, and a place to home the bajillion photos that I take on my phone.

Welcome back to our adventure.


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  1. Yay so glad you are back girl! I am saddened about Brutus.... that loss is so real to be sure! I find the whole living in a camper thing fascinating and I’m slightly jealous! Welcome back!!


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