June 19, 2019

Hello from Greenport, NY

Okay so the last couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I won't get into the boring details, but TJ took a job with a new company and his first project with them had us pack up our tiny home and move to a small village on the north fork of Long Island, NY. 

We drove overnight from Pittsburgh to get here, and TJ is the real MVP for towing the RV through NYC. I was following behind him with the girls and we were on the phone with each other when we passed through at 2am, just laughing (and slightly freaking out) at the ridiculousness of bringing our RV over the George Washington Bridge. 

It's so beautiful here - we have two little beaches less than ten minutes from us, and the girls have been enjoying collecting pretty shells and sea glass. We bought a membership to the cutest family farm down the street that has their favorite animals to feed, a playground, cider donuts, ice cream and a winery.  TJ's working on a military base and will have most weekends off, so we're looking forward to exploring this area as much as possible with him on the weekends while we're lucky enough to be living in this nautical and nostalgia-inducing seaside village for the summer.


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  1. I love all of these photos! I love that you're able to be together and that TJ will have weekends off so you can make the most of this place together as a family! I've never been to Long Island but have read books based there (and have obviously seen shows/movies based in the Hamptons haha) so I want to visit there someday and take in the all the little towns along the coast!


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