August 12, 2019

Visiting Harbes Barnyard Adventure

Fifteen minutes down the road from us in Mattituck, NY is the cutest family farm called Harbes Barnyard Adventure. We had driven by the farm a few times before I took the girls, and I had just assumed from the outside looking in that it was your regular 'ole farm, so we were happily surprised to find that it's actually an 8 acre experience of farm adventures and fun.

We easily spend a good three hours at Harbes having such a great time together - from feeding the chickens, goats, sheep and piggies, to bouncing on their pillow bouncers, playing in their giant sandboxes and climbing on their beautiful log playground - there's also trike racing, a gnome-themed hedge maze, water tables, playhouses, and a cute Bunnyville fit with a town hall, barbershop, movie theater, coffee shop and church. Harbes also has a winery and some pretty delicious homemade ice cream and cider donuts, and on the weekends they offer piggy races and singing hayrides around the farm.

Harbes is a must-visit if you're ever in the area and have kiddos who love animals. It's pretty affordable during the week - kids 2 and under are free and admission is only $11.95 M-Th. It jumps up to $18.95 F/S/Su - which I personally think is pricey, so we went ahead and bought a season pass for $39.95, which we definitely got our moneys worth with this summer!

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