December 13, 2019

Got a Puppy, It's a Boy.

How special is it that Vinny was born and sent to our family to help heal our broken hearts?

Making the choice to get a new puppy was a decision that actually caused me a lot of anxiety and tears, but now that he's here with us, we're very much welcoming the joy and happiness that he brings to our family and we're looking forward to watching him grow up with the girls.

Brutus was seven years old when Michaela was born and he wasn't too fond that we had the audacity to bring children into his kingdom without his consent. Don't get me wrong, he loved them in his own way and he definitely put up with their shit of putting necklaces on him, trying to dress him up and pretending to be puppies and eating out of his bowls, but by the time the girls entered our world, Brutty was old, grumpy, and not very playful, which often disappointed them.

I'm so glad that Michaela and Ellie now get to experience the little bowling ball of energy that is an English Bulldog puppy, and I hope that they will always remember these special times with Vincenzo, because TJ and I carry so many in our hearts from when Brutty was a baby.

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