Q. Where are you from?
A. I was born and grew up in an itty-bitty town named Ware, Massachusetts. Where? Yes, Ware.

Q. Where have you lived?
A. We have lived in Ware, Massachusetts; Oswego, New York; Worcester, Massachusetts; Wheeling, West Virginia; Hanover, Germany; Northlake, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Fort Worth, Texas; Duisburg, Germany, Denver, Colorado; Cadiz, Kentucky; Niagara Falls, NY, Beaver Falls, PA and Greenport, NY.

Q. Where did you go to college?
A. I graduated from Dean College School of Dance.

Q. What do you do for work?
A. I work from home as a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach and I'm also a virtual assistant.

Q. How did you meet TJ?
A. When he was playing pro hockey in Worcester, I was dancing for a pro indoor football team that laid their turf over his team's ice. The end of his season coincided with the beginning of my season, and we happened to meet randomly through teammates.

Q. What made you decide to start a blog?
A. When I first Googled something along the lines of "I'm moving to Germany with my boyfriend, HELP!," I found the blog of an Army wife who was stationed down in Bavaria. Her blog was my first real introduction to the whole "blogging world" - I loved how she documented her life and shared her experiences, which inspired me to create my own blog so that I could do the same thing.

Q. What kind of RV are you living in?
A. We're in a 2018 Keystone Hideout.

Q. Do you homeschool the girls?

A. I actually un-school the girls, which is a form of homeschooling. We don't follow a specific curriculum or "do school" - instead, we enjoy daily child-led learning based on their ever changing interests and experiences.

Q. I'm moving to Germany and I want to bring my dog. What do I need to do?
A. Because the rules and regulations can change at any moment, I advise checking out the USDA website as well as Germany.info for up to the minute information about exactly what you'll need to do to bring your pooch across the pond with you. My helpful tips: Make copies of everything. Keep the originals on you for safe keeping (in your purse or carry-on, never check this information!), and duck tape a copy on the top of your dog's crate in a plastic document folder. I also attached a photo of Brutus in case he somehow pulled a Houdini, along with a friendly note to whoever was loading him on the plane, thanking them for taking care of him as if he was their own. I bought this crate from Dog.com, and they frequently have 20% off sales, so make sure that you sign up for their emails or check RetailMeNot for a coupon. I honestly think that I stressed more than Brutus did when we flew - so my biggest tip is to RELAX! Yes, Brutus was an old English bulldog with a pushed in snout - but he flew on seven airplanes and was totally fine. I would never trust a domestic plane to carry a dog underneath, but international planes are built to do so. We've traveled with Lufthansa and Swiss, and I highly recommend both!

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